Cool Ways to Enhance the Appearance of a Stained Concrete Floor

Exterior Stained Concrete

Exterior Stained Concrete

Choosing to have a stained concrete floor added to your kitchen was one of the best decisions you could have ever made. Whether you selected an acid-based product like SunAcid or one with a water base like SunH20, you have a beautiful flooring system that will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment. However, you now want to amp things up by enhancing an already-gorgeous surface.

One of many possibilities is using yet another product like SunDye. If you have an acid-based floor, this remarkable coloring system can achieve two unique results. If used with water, you have an incredibly broad range of color choices. You can create an entirely different look or simply boost the original color chosen. However, if used with acetone, this liquid creates a darker monotone look. Either way, you can take your floors to a new level of beauty.

Having a different decorative concrete coating applied is another way to enhance the appearance of your stained concrete floors. Although there are endless options, one example consists of having a border or unique design added that looks like real wood, brick, cobblestone, slate, and many additional natural materials.


stained concrete floorAggregates also work well for changing the look of stained concrete floors. A professional installer or contractor can broadcast things like pebbles, colored glass, metallic flakes, quartz beads, and so on, in the density that you want. Not only will this enhance the appearance, but it will also create a more slip-resistant surface.

You can even go with a colored sealer. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can stick with a color similar to the stain or go with something different for a one-a-kind look. Along with improving the stained concrete floor’s look, the sealer serves as a second layer of protection. Especially in a kitchen, you would never have to worry about stains caused by spilled food or drink.