Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

At SUNDEK of San Antonio, we have decades of experience with driveway resurfacing. Let us transform your driveway into a beautiful surface.

Can you resurface a concrete driveway?

Yes! Our clients resurface their driveways for a variety of reasons. Their existing driveway might be damaged, or perhaps the design is outdated and our client is ready for a change. Whatever the reason, resurfacing is a great solution.

With resurfacing, you don’t have to tear out existing concrete. Instead, a coating is placed directly on top of your driveway. The coating can then be designed to meet your specifications.

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Design options for driveway resurfacing

We love showing our customers what’s possible for their driveways. Yes, driveways must be functional and durable, but they can also be beautiful. And you will definitely get a beautiful surface if you work with us. With all our color, texture, and pattern options available, you can get a driveway that perfectly matches your home’s style.

In addition to being able to create the look of brick, cobblestone, or any other material, we can create custom stamps—even company logos.

Popular driveway finishes

There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right coating for your project, but here are some of the most popular SUNDEK products used for driveways.

If you’re not sure which product is right for your project, no problem! We’re happy to come assess your project, look at your design, and help you decide.

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Designed to create an immersive experience, this room in the Museum of the Bible features a surface that was made to look like a dirt floor. SUNDEK of Washington applied the SunStone coating without joints or bulkheads to create a realistic look. Beyond is a mural of the Sea of Galilee.

Sealing your driveway

Customers often ask if they need to seal their driveway, and our answer is always yes. After investing in your driveway, it is critical to seal it to maintain its look and durability. Sealer protects it from oil spills and other elements that can damage it. Your contractor can help you determine how often you need to reseal it to get the most out of your driveway. Read more about why sealers are important.

How to deal with tire marks

Concrete driveway repair

If your driveway has cracks, spalling, chipping, or any other type of damage, it’s best to address it as soon as possible. Damage will only worsen, making the repair more expensive as time goes on. At SUNDEK of San Antonio, we are experts in concrete repair. We can resolve your damage, determine how it occurred, and help prevent it from happening again.

We can even incorporate cracks into a beautiful design. Learn more about our Custom Scoreline Effect.

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