The Benefits of Using Stamped Concrete Around a Pool

 Stamped Concrete around a pool deck Stamped Concrete around a pool deck

There is nothing more exciting than swimming in your backyard. During the hot Texas summer, it is an excellent way to cool down, entertain family and friends, and get exercise. However, unless you have the right pool deck, you may not have as much fun as you would with the right surface material. SunStamp, a superior stamped concrete product, solves many of the issues that pool decks present.

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Is stamped concrete good around a pool?

Stamped concrete is a good choice for your pool area if you need something beautiful, durable, affordable, and easy to care for. When properly sealed, stamped concrete can handle San Antonio's heat and humidity, as well as the rare snow or freezing temoeratures in the winter. Plus it will hold up well to water being splashed out of the pool all summer long.

Is stamped concrete slippery?

Stamped concrete has a textured surface that resembles natural stone. If a film-forming sealer is used, it could become a little slippery, especially when wet. The best way to prevent this is to include a grit additive in the sealer when it is applied. This will help improve the traction on a stamped concrete pool deck.

Benefits of using SunStamp around your pool

For one thing, SunStamp creates a comfortable walking surface. Especially for the elderly and small children, a rough surface can be hard on the feet. With this stamped concrete solution, you can choose from a variety of textures that transform the area around the pool into something comfortable that changes the overall appearance.

 Stamped Concrete around a pool deck Stamped Concrete around a pool deck

Something else to consider is that some homes have pool decks with cookie-cutter designs. That means that every house on your block has a swimming pool that appears identical. If you want a customized pool deck, SunStamp is the answer. By using various templates, stamps, and freeform carving, an experienced installer can create virtually any look you want, making your backyard stand out.

You can also select from a broad range of colors to give your pool deck personality and character. With SunStamp, the artisan uses colored oxides, stains, and acrylic finish coats that give the surface a beautiful color based on your preference. That puts you in control of the deck’s appearance, whether you plan on keeping things elegant and sophisticated, casual and comfy, or perhaps somewhat eclectic.

You will love the fact that in addition to pool decks, with SunStamp, you can transform other concrete surfaces, as well as those made of stucco, brick, drywall, and more. As a result, you can choose the same design and color for your backyard patio or walkway, or if preferred, you can get something entirely different. With so much versatility, the sky is the limit.

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