Here are a few videos that highlight the work SUNDEK of San Antonio has completed in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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Paul explains the job he hired SUNDEK of San Antonio to complete at his residential property. After a separate company poured the concrete, they recommended that Paul contact SUNDEK to apply the coatings. SUNDEK resurfaced the pool deck, walkways, patio, porch and driveway using several different finishes. Paul was pleased with the price and the work that was completed.

SUNDEK of San Antonio applied coatings to a pool deck at an HOA in San Antonio, and here you can see the pool deck a year later. Tony Perenza speaks with Rick about his experience with SUNDEK. Rick explains that even though this public pool area was a disaster, SUNDEK did a great job and completed the project in a surprisingly short amount of time. When SUNDEK of San Antonio was first brought on site, there was a quarter-inch of coating on top of their plain concrete deck that was beginning to crumble. SUNDEK repaired the surface and applied a fresh coating, making the pool deck look brand new.

See a time-lapse video that shows how SUNDEK of San Antonio transformed a large garage floor into a gorgeous work of art. The garage floor started out as a plain gray slab of concrete. After preparing the surface, SUNDEK applied a coating. Then they outlined the new design: a checkerboard pattern on either side of the garage. The result is a durable, beautiful surface that will last for years to come.

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