Mix Designs with the Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Project of Your San Antonio Garage Floor

Decorative concrete garage floor Decorative concrete garage floor
Not only that, but you can also mix product types. For instance, you could go with polished decorative concrete resurfacing for the main area of the garage and then use a stamped product to create a unique border. A professional installer can even create a specific logo or graphic image if you want a true masterpiece on your garage floor.

Among the many exciting aspects of using decorative concrete resurfacing on the garage floor of your San Antonio home is the fact that you can mix designs. In other words, instead of having just one product applied to the surface, you can enhance the appearance and functionality by adding a second product. As you can imagine, that gives you creative freedom to produce a one-of-a-kind look.

Take an epoxy product like SunEpoxy 54 as a prime example. As the best coating for decorative concrete resurfacing, this 100 percent solids resin offers an impressive list of benefits. Not only does it resist stains, chemicals, oil, water, impacts, abrasions, and more, but it also looks incredible. Along with a massive selection of colors, textures, and patterns, you can beef things up with a second product, like SunChip.

When using this product for decorative concrete resurfacing, your color options expand. You can select between solid or multi-colors depending on the look you want to achieve. As for the standard colors, you have 25 incredible choices. With the multi-color group, you have an additional 12 colors. With so many possibilities, you can turn an otherwise boring garage into your favorite room of the house.

The bottom line is that while one top-quality product is enough to transform the garage at your San Antonio home, two or more takes things to an entirely different level. Before you settle on one design, consider all your options. Have fun changing the floor, and then enjoy the space for years to come.

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