A Metallic Epoxy Floor Is a Very Unique Look for Your Floor

A Unique Concrete Floor with Metallic Epoxy A Unique Concrete Floor with Metallic Epoxy
SunMetal-Color-Chart metallic epoxy floors SunMetal Color Chart metallic epoxy floors

As a car enthusiast, you want a garage that allows you to display your vehicles with pride. With the right flooring system, you will enjoy looking at your collection and showing it off even more. Although there are several excellent options, for people who are genuinely into cars, whether exotic, new, or older models, metallic epoxy floors are their first choice.

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At the top of the list is a product called SunMetal FX. When combined with acrylic sealers, SunEpoxy 54, SunEpoxy 100, or SunOne, a polyaspartic coating, the way your new floor enhances the cars in your collection will amaze you. With an incredible shine, a metallic epoxy floor will highlight virtually every feature of the vehicles you own.

For a one-of-a-kind design, SunMetal FX is perfect. This product creates a smooth, almost glass-like surface with three-dimensional effects that resemble flowing lava or moon craters. Then, depending on which secondary product it gets combined with, you benefit in more unique ways.

For example, SunOne Polyaspartic Coating is resistant to a broad range of harmful substances, including grease, many chemicals, and oils. In fact, this product is both impact and abrasion resistant. The formula also offers superior resistance to foot and vehicle traffic, so when people come to visit or as you move your cars around, you never have to worry about marks or damage.

To further enhance the appearance of your metallic epoxy floor, you can select from a host of beautiful colors. Some of those preferred by car enthusiasts include Autumn Splendor, Copper Penny, Inca Gold, Pearl, Platinum Silver, and Fire Glow, although there are many others.

With so many choices, you can create a look that works best for the types of vehicles that you own. For a more dramatic transformation, a professional installer can even create custom design effects, like stenciling and score lines.

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