How to Make Concrete Slip Resistant

Slip resistant decorative concrete Slip Resistant Concrete

When it comes to making your concrete slip resistant, San Antonio home and business owners know that SUNDEK products are the best. Not only are our decorative concrete products top-notch, but we offer a wide range of finishes to give your concrete surface added durability and reduced maintenance benefits. We also offer several options to give your concrete surface slip resistance!

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Finishes to Add Slip Resistance to Concrete Surfaces

One of the most important benefits of decorative concrete in San Antonio is the fact that it offers unmatched durability and is incredibly easy to maintain. Decorative concrete is also one of the most versatile and customizable building materials available. Not only can you customize your concrete surfaces with your choice of stamp, stain, or pattern, but you can also add different aggregates or masonry effects to give the concrete a nonslip surface. In fact, Sundek of San Antonio offers an array of options to achieve this effect.

If you choose stamped, stained, or dyed decorative concrete for your San Antonio home or business, you will have two options to choose from in acrylic finish coats to add slip resistance. The SunColor water-based finish coat is very easy to apply, and it has the added bonus of giving your decorative concrete surface a pop of color. Choose from a wide variety of colors as well as your choice of aggregates to give the surface the slip resistance you desire. The SunSand system is another great option – especially for outdoor surfaces – because it provides protection against weather, salt, and environmental pollutants in addition to nonslip safety.

The finishing options for Sundek epoxy or polyaspartic floors are a little bit different. If you go with the SunEpoxy 54, the SunEpoxy 100, or the SunOne Polyaspartic flooring system, you have two options to choose from in clear sealers. The SunClear EcoProtect sealer is a high-performance finish coat that is easy to apply and environmentally friendly. This coating offers maximum gloss retention and can be paired with your choice of color or aggregates for easy customization. The SunClear UltraProtect system offers the same advantages but to a slightly higher degree. Again, you can add your choice of aggregates to give the surface the desired degree of slip resistance.

Whether you are looking to add slip resistance to indoor or outdoor decorative concrete in San Antonio, Sundek is the name to trust. Whether you need help choosing the right product for your project or you are looking for a professional contractor to do the work, be sure to make Sundek of San Antonio your first call. You won’t be disappointed!

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