Why Do Experts Recommend Concrete Sealers on Finished San Antonio Projects?

Concrete sealers to protect your concrete

Concrete sealers to protect your concrete

Anyone who has ever had a decorative coating applied, whether to a driveway, pool deck, walkway, patio, inside floor, countertop, or some other surface will tell you that experts highly recommend top-quality concrete sealers for San Antonio projects. This has nothing to do with up-selling, but instead, giving the surface optimal projection.

Keep in mind that in addition to suggesting you have a sealer applied, it is important you work with an installer or contractor who uses the best products on the market, such as SunClear and UltraProtect. As mentioned, the primary reason for using sealers is to give the newly finished surface a second layer of protection against elements of the weather, stains, abrasions, impact, hot tire marks, and so on.

However, experts recommend concrete sealers for homes and businesses in San Antonio for a variety of additional reasons. As an example, if you opted to have color added to a decorative concrete overlay, the application of a sealer helps to enhance it. In other words, the color you chose now appears even more beautiful than it did on its own.

There is even a functional reason why experts recommend concrete sealers for projects in San Antonio. Especially for commercial and industrial site applications, you want a surface that is both durable and long-lasting, two qualities a sealer possesses. That way, the surface remains beautiful to look at, but it also experiences fewer problems with cracking and flaking. Without a sealer, you would struggle with an array of issues.

Perhaps one of the more interesting reasons professionals suggest concrete sealers for coatings in San Antonio is that they inhibit the growth of mold. Remember, concrete is a porous material. Therefore, without sealing the surface, moisture seeps into the pores, providing a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Although this helps with outdoor applications, it is essential when having an overlay installed inside.