Make Your San Antonio Dental Office More Kid-Friendly by Adding Chips to Your Painted Concrete Floors

As the owner of a dental office in San Antonio that focuses on helping families, you want your patients to feel comfortable and safe. However, if you spend time working with children, you need to think creatively. For younger patients, your business should have a more kid-friendly atmosphere, something you can accomplish by having chips added to your painted concrete floorsGarage Floor Coatings

For decorative flooring solutions, people turn to stamped, polished, and stained products. While all viable options, epoxy painted concrete floors are an excellent alternative. For a business like yours in San Antonio, adding chips will completely change how the floors look.

Create a more kid-friendly environment at your San Antonio dental office by starting with a polyaspartic product like SunOne. This product cures in a day, meaning you can have the work done during non-business hours. This option is UV stable, resistant to stains and abrasions, and incredibly durable. Then, enhance the appearance of the painted concrete floors using colored chips.

For this, a professional installer selects a second product consisting of either flecks or chips. Because each comes in different color options, you would need to determine the right one for your business. For instance, for flecks, you could select Blue Coral, Cinnamon, Shawnee Red, Sky, or Peppermint, all colors that children love.

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

As for chips, you can go with a solid color, like blue, green, red, yellow, or brown, or multiple colors. Regarding the multiple colored chips, some of the better colors to add to the painted concrete floors in your San Antonio dental office include Rare Earth, Independence Blue, and Fire Brick.

Although you can transform the look and functionality of all the floors in your business, to make it more kid-friendly, consider creating a special play area, complete with a durable floor designed with vibrantly colored flecks or chips that are coated with rock hard seamless surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.